Green Power Hike For A Green Future Competition

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Green Power Hike For A Green Future Competition

Tahoe Life has recently participated in the Green Power Hike For A Green Future competition. Our colleagues formed a volunteer team and took the Volunteer Service Leave to join this hike. Starting from To Tei Wan to Tai Long Wan, we completed the 7.2-km Dragon’s Back trail of the Hong Kong Trail Section 8.

While exploring the beauty, the volunteer team also put the “Leave no trace” concept into practice by picking up trashes left by other hikers, bringing our own drinking water with reusable bottles and carrying our own waste to the urban area. What makes the event more meaningful is that we could raise fund for Green Power as well as restoring the cleanliness of the countryside.

The company embraces corporate social responsibility as our long-term commitment. By offering Volunteer Service Leave, the Company encourages colleagues to serve the community and to live a healthy lifestyle.