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Policy information is part of the asset of our clients. We, therefore, accept the enquiry or application of change of policy details from the policyowner or assignee only in order to protect their privacy, assets and benefit.

If clients need to enquiry about policy details through a third party, they can submit a signed written for a one-time authorisation, and its approval is subject to verification against our records. Alternatively, they may call our Customer Service Hotline to request over the phone for a one-time authorisation of such enquiry by a designated third party. The Company may give a concessional approval for an enquiry of policy details through a third party.

Policy information is part of the asset of our clients. We are accountable for protecting their privacy, assets and benefit. Owing to the possible risks involved in sending encrypted emails, we do not, therefore, provide any policy details via emails.

The policyowner can refer to the policy contract, policy anniversary statement (if applicable) or confirmation letter for change of policy details (if such change, or other changes of similar nature, has been made). Alternatively, if the policyowner holds an account of “iService”, an online service exclusively for our clients, he/she can login to it and enquire about relevant details.  In addition, the policyowner can contact his/her Licensed Insurance Intermediary for help or submit a written request to our Customer Service Team. We will then provide the relevant details by correspondence accordingly.

The coverage amounts, policy values or beneficiary details of your policy contract are sensitive information. We are held accountable for handling this information with caution. As it is impossible to fully authenticate the caller’s identity over the phone, Customer Service Officer will not disclose such sensitive information over the phone.

The “iService” online service allows clients to review details of all in force policies under their names, including personal particulars, contact details, policy basic information, policy status, current protection plan, current policy values, premium due date, premium payment history for the past year and application details for change of premium allocation or investment choice of investment-linked policy via “iService” for the past year.

To register for an account, please click here.If the registration is successful, you will receive an email for activating the account. A password notification letter will also be sent out by mail automatically to your correspondence address in our record. When you receive this password notification letter, you can get access to “iService” by following the instructions provided in the account activation email and entering the pre-set password stated in the password notification letter for first-time login. After the first-time login is completed and your password is changed, you will be able use “iService”. Clients may then be able to login to “iService” anywhere at any time to review their policies and enquire about policy details.

All premiums should be paid by the policyowner. If the policyowner is not able to pay the premiums in person, he/she may authorise a designated and approved third party (including spouse, parents, children, siblings, grandparents or grandchildren) with a “Premium Payment Declaration Form” duly signed by the payor and policyowner to pay the premiums on behalf of the policyowner. If the premium payment is made in cash, by crossed cheque, bank draft, remittance or EPS, the payor is required to submit necessary documents (e.g. copy of birth certificate or marriage certificate) to prove his/her identity of a designated and approved third party to pay the premiums on your behalf. Please note specifically that for total premiums of HKD 50,000 or above (or its equivalent in any other currency), the relevant payor must submit a copy of proof of identity for identification and record. All third-party payments are subject to approval by the Company.

When you take out a long-term insurance (life insurance) policy in Hong Kong, for protecting the interests of policyholders, the Insurance Authority (“IA”) formulated “Guideline on Cooling-off Period” (GL29). Under GL29, you are being protected by the Cooling-off Period that allows you having the opportunity to review the policy terms and conditions after the policy has been issued, and to change the decision not to purchase a life insurance policy. Please note that Cooling-off Period is applicable to new life insurance policy, and not for any new supplementary contracts attached to an existing policy.

The Cooling-off Period in relation to a life insurance policy means the 21 calendar day period after the delivery of the policy or the issuance of a notice informing the policyholder or the policyholder’s representative, whichever is later in which the policyholder can cancel the policy and obtain a refund of premium. For arrangement of refund of any premiums paid, please refer to the said notice for details. If you do not receive the policy within 9 calendar days after the policy is being issued, you should contact our Customer Service Department for further follow-up.

There are various protection plans (such as medical, hospitalization, critical illness) that are subject to a waiting period stated in the respective policies. If a claim on insurance against an illness is submitted within the waiting period and after the effective date of the policy, no claim payment will be payable for the medical expenses incurred due to the illness or its symptom(s) manifested. For terms and conditions of the waiting period, those stipulated in the policy contract shall prevail.

A grace period is a period of time within 31 calendar days from the premium due date and in which the policy is still in force even without payment of premium.

The policyowner can call our Customer Service Hotline or send a written to our Policy Administration Team with signature identical to the one in our record for re-issuing relevant documents. Once the application is approved, the relevant documents will be sent by mail to the policyowner’s correspondence address in our record.

You need not worry when your Licensed Insurance Intermediary has left the Company. According to the company procedures, a new Licensed Insurance Intermediary will be assigned, who will follow up on your policy matters. Your benefits and rights under your policy will not be affected in any case. You may also contact our Customer Service Team for enquiry and follow-up on your policy during our office hours.