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Tahoe Life won four awards in two awards ceremonies!

2020-05-28 | Corporate update

Tahoe Life has just been honoured with four awards at two prestigious awards ceremonies to recognise our commitment to serving Hong Kong with sincerity over the past 30 years and providing comprehensive insurance solutions to our customers. These awards include: The Outstanding Brand Awards 2020 The Excellent Brand Life Insurance Company Critical Illness Insurance Product - MultiGuard Critical Illness Protection Plan The Capital Outstanding Enterprise Awards 2020 Outstanding Savings Product - Brighter Future Income Plan Tahoe Life not only won the “Life Insurance Company” award again for the third consecutive year, but also the exclusive “The Excellent Brand” award this year which is a testament to the strong foundation Tahoe Life has built in Hong Kong and our success in brand building. We are also extremely proud that our dedication in holistic product innovation and development has received widespread acclaim especially for our MultiGuard Critical Illness Protection Plan and Brighter Future Income Plan. The Outstanding Brand Awards, organised by the Economic Digest, recognise the achievement and excellence in branding and management, where the winning brands are appreciated by the public as well as industry experts across different business sectors. The results come from a poll by judging panel and votes by the public. Organised by the Capital Magazine, the Capital Outstanding Enterprise Awards aim to recognise Hong Kong enterprises which contribute to the society and the economy so as to encourage them to maintain a high standard of corporate governance. All winning companies are selected by the editorial board and public voting.


Brand new corporate brochure and corporate video

2020-05-19 | Corporate update

“Serving Customers for Life with Sincerity” has long been Tahoe Life’s corporate mission over the past 30 years. To celebrate this important milestone of the development of the company, a new corporate brochure and corporate video are officially launched. The theme "Realise Your Dreams for a Brilliant Life" echoes how we help craft a brilliant future for our customers and make their dreams come true. Tahoe Life is well-established with a solid foundation, and continues to deliver very strong results. Our 2019 financial statements have been audited by independent auditors and filed with related regulatory authority. To strengthen the confidence of our customers on the company, we have appointed two professional listed multinational consulting firms to provide independent advice on our solvency and financial positions respectively. Moving forward, Tahoe Life will continue to create values for our customers, employees, business partners and the society with a sense of social responsibility. We will make every effort to be a holistic life insurance provider and a leader in the world of life insurance. Download Corporate Brochure Now


Launch of Brighter Future Income Plan

2020-05-18 | Corporate update

Although the pandemic continues, it will not stop Tahoe Life from crafting a brilliant future for our customers. We are proud to announce the launch of a saving and protection product – Brighter Future Income Plan (the “Plan”). Combining retirement financial planning and inheritance of wealth with flexible income options, the Plan facilitates our customers to realise their dreams and plan for a brighter future. The Plan is now open to selected customers for application, and will be opened for the public on 27 May 2020. Product highlights: Guaranteed cash payment every year up to age 130 of initial insured Various income period options for flexible use Extend protection with change of insured Plan ahead with nomination of contingent owner and contingent insured Well-managed financial needs with terminal dividend lock-in And more! For details of the product and related key product risks, please click here.


Tahoe Life Statement

2020-05-01 | Corporate update

Tahoe Investment Group Company Limited, the parent company (“parent company”) of Tahoe Life Insurance Company Limited (Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability) ("Tahoe Life" or the “Company"), entered into an “Acquisition Framework Agreement” with Tahoe Group Co., Ltd regarding the proposed acquisition of 100% shareholding in Everwin Enterprise (Hong Kong) Limited (“Everwin”). Everwin holds 100% shares of Thaihot Investment (Bermuda) Company Limited, where the latter holds 100% shares of Tahoe Life and 99.85% shares of Tahoe Life Insurance Company (Macau) Limited. Tahoe Life has made an inquiry to the parent company and confirmed that Tahoe Group Co., Ltd has decided not to proceed with the feasibility study of the asset restructuring, and has terminated the proposed acquisition. The business of Tahoe Life is operated as usual. The Company follows a robust risk management framework and a prudent investment strategy. The Company has a very solid financial position, and has maintained high liquidity so that we can fully fulfil the capital needs for policy claims and surrender upon maturity. Tahoe Life will continue to fulfil the terms and conditions of its insurance policies such as policy benefits, customer services, claims and underwriting. If you have any inquiries about the Company or your insurance policies, you can contact us at (852) 3767 8777 during our office hour (9:00 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.). You can also email us at and we will revert to you within two working days. Tahoe Life's operations and finances are subject to the supervision of the Insurance Authority in Hong Kong and the regulatory authority in Bermuda. We have close interaction with the regulators in order to safeguard the best interests of our policyholders.


Let's celebrate the 30th anniversary together

2020-04-07 | Corporate update

The year 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of Tahoe Life and we have designed a logo to promote our profound history and strong foundation. Adhering to Tahoe Group’s commitment to social responsibility, Tahoe Life has been striving to craft quality insurance and serving customers with ingenuity. This Tahoe Life 30th anniversary logo carries the following meaning: The upward-leaping golden dragon Dragons represent lucky, honourable and courageous in the Chinese culture. The new logo symbolises a very bright and prosperous future for Tahoe Life, and everyone here will be strong and powerful. The “O” The “O” of Tahoe together with the dragon formed the number “30”, and the red “O” also echoes the theme of our “Realise your dreams for a brilliant life” advertising campaign. “Ingenious as ever” (匠心如初) This tells that everyone at Tahoe Life continues to be devoted to achieving our mission of ingenuity, and is committed to developing high-end insurance products that are customer centric and well-recognised by the insurance industry. At the same time, we strive to provide tailor-made services and to craft a brilliant future for our valued customers. We will arrange a series of activities to celebrate the special year with our employees, customers, business partners and the public together, please stay tuned for our next wave of 30th Anniversary celebrations.