Easi-Term and Easi-Term Insurance Supplementary Contract


Easi-Term and Easi-Term Insurance Supplementary Contract

Everyone has different burdens and responsibilities throughout various stages of life. It is never too early to work out a comprehensive protection so as to ensure that your family will not be financially stressed should something unexpected happen to you. To cater for your needs, Tahoe Life’s Easi-Term / Easi-Term Insurance Supplementary Contract offers a pure life protection plan at an affordable premium, which enables your family to live with peace of mind. 

Plan Highlights

  • Four Benefit Terms at Choice
  • Affordable Premium and Guaranteed Automatic Renewal
  • Accelerated Disability Benefit
  • Convertible to Whole Life or Endowment Insurance Plan
  • Optional Supplementary Contracts or Attachable to Whole Life Insurance Plan


To cater for your different protection needs, there are four benefit terms for you to choose from, which are 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and up to age 65.

Easi-Term enables you to enjoy life protection at affordable premium. In the unfortunate event of the death of the insured, the designated beneficiary will receive a Death Benefit which is equivalent to 100% of the sum assured.

If you choose 5 years, 10 years or 20 years as benefit term, Easi-Term is guaranteed to be automatically renewed1 upon the end of each benefit term up to age 80 of the insured. The renewal premium will be determined according to the attained age of the insured and the prevailing premium rate at the time of renewal, and will remain unchanged throughout the benefit term of renewal.

If the insured is suffering from total and permanent disability due to injury or illness on or before the policy anniversary date of age 65 (applicable to “To age 65 of the insured” benefit term) or the policy anniversary date of age 70 (applicable to 5-year / 10-year / 20-year benefit term), 100% of the sum assured2 will become payable in advance3.

To sustain the coverage of the insured, Easi-Term can be converted4 to another whole life or endowment insurance plan5 without the need of underwriting before the policy anniversary date of age 65 of the insured.

To meet your individual needs, you may choose to apply Easi-Term as a basic plan and supplement it with various additional supplementary contracts, such as medical, critical illness, accidental and premium waiver supplementary contracts.

You may also apply Easi-Term as a supplementary contract and attach it to a whole life insurance plan6.

  1. The term of any such renewal will be the original term of the Plan / the Supplementary Contract or, if shorter, the number of years to the policy anniversary date on or immediately following the insured's 80th birthday. Upon renewal of the Supplementary Contract, the basic plan of the policy of which it is attached to must be effective.
  2. When Accelerated Disability Benefit becomes payable, the payable benefit will less any amount of benefit already paid or payable in advance from the same policy; and Easi-Term (including any supplementary contracts attached to the Easi-Term) will be terminated immediately and no death benefit and major illness benefit (where applicable) shall be payable. Please refer to the policy contract for details.
  3. To be entitled to the Accelerated Disability Benefit, the insured must be between age 16 and 55 on the issue date of the Plan / the effective date of the Supplementary Contract and must be a Hong Kong resident with a valid Hong Kong Identity Card, as well as meeting the underwriting requirements.
  4. The sum assured of the new policy cannot exceed that of the Easi-Term and the new policy must fulfill all the requirements for policy issuance (other than underwriting). If the Easi-Term is issued with an extra premium, an extra premium computed on a consistent basis shall be charged on the new policy upon conversion. If the remaining sum assured of Easi-Term after policy conversion is less than the minimum sum assured required, Tahoe Life reserves the right to cancel the Easi-Term. Please refer to the policy contract for details of conversion.
  5. The new policy must be a whole life or endowment insurance plan made available by Tahoe Life at the time of conversion.
  6. Please refer to the respective policy contract for details of each supplementary contract and whole life insurance plan.