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1320 MultiCare Critical Illness Plan

Critical illnesses can strike suddenly and worry your loved one and family. To survive the lethal challenges, it is important to have an early detection and match it with appropriate medical treatments. However, with healthcare costs on the rise and relentless challenges to our health, adequate medical reserve and protection with multiple claims are indispensable. Tahoe Life offers you 1320 MultiCare Critical Illness Plan (the “Plan”) which is your comprehensive protection plan against critical illnesses, giving you multiple claims protection up to 1320% of the initial sum assured under a single policy. Even when critical illness strikes from time to time, with the genetic profiling test and world’s top medical experts, you will be advised with suitable treatment plans, bringing you back to a brilliant life.

Plan Highlights

Maximum Claim Up to 1320% of the Initial Sum Assured

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Multiple claims with progressive amount

Genetic Profiling Test for Precision Medical Treatment Benefit

Prestige Global Medical Assistance Services

  • Covers 139 illnesses
  • Coverage Booster Benefit
  • Target Cancer Therapy Benefit
  • Rehabilitation Benefit
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