Green Power Hike For A Green Future Competition 2022

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Green Power Hike For A Green Future Competition 2022

Tahoe Life recently participated in the Green Power Hike For A Green Future Competition for the second year. The Company formed a volunteer team for the hiking competition and we proudly won the Outstanding Green Award by showing our support in donating funds to the charitable institution Green Power. 

In order to ensure the health and safety of our colleagues during the pandemic, our volunteers hiked and ran along the Hong Kong Trail separately instead of teaming up in a big group like we did last year. This year, our team has doubled its size and has achieved very impressive results. With the total hiking distance of 385 km achieved by 23 team members, our team is ranked fourth in the Active Green Award - HKFI Cup and fifth in the Green Enthusiast Award - HKFI Cup! A big thank you to the team for spending the Volunteer Service Leave offered by the Company and personal time to participate in the competition. 

The Company embraces corporate social responsibility as our long-term commitment. Through participating in this event, the Company aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the society and to support Green Power for their environmental education work and environmental awareness promotion.