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An introduction to Tahoe Investment Group Company Limited



Headquarter in Fuzhou


Tahoe Investment Group was founded by Mr. Huang Qisen, who is dedicated to developing the Group from the perspectives of customers, society, and even the world by taking a holistic approach driven by his social responsibility. Thanks to the Group’s remarkable achievement, it has been able to give back to society and has achieved its corporate goals at a steady pace, paving the way for a centennial business.

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Founded in 1993

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Total assets exceeded 280.1 billion#^

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Equity holding in ONE listed company


# as of 3rd quarter of 2019
^ Currency in this page refers to RMB, unless otherwise specifie

Diversified Portfolio

Tahoe Investment Group has developed a broad spectrum of business across the globe, including: Real Estate, Healthcare, Finance, Culture & Education and Senior Care.


Generous Charitable Contribution

Ranked second in the China Charity List



Mr. Huang Qisen, Chairman of Tahoe Group


The 15th China Charity List was released in Beijing on 25 April 2018. It is exhilarating to see that Mr. Huang Qisen, a Fujian entrepreneur and Chairman of Tahoe Group, ranks the second with an accumulated donation of 667 million, followed by Mr. Jack Ma, person in charge of the Alibaba Group who is also a philanthropist, ranking the third.

Real Estate

Taking the Lead in Real Estate

Top 15 among Chinese Real Estate Companies



“Yuanzi" of Tahoe Group


According to a joint announcement by China Index Academy and other organisations, Tahoe Group was one of the top 15 of the “2017 Chinese Real Estate Companies with sales volume over 10 billion”, a manifestation of the exceptional financial strength of a “100 billion Real Estate Corporation”.

In the recently released “2018 Top 100 Chinese Real Estate Companies by Sales Volume (January - May)”, Tahoe Group has made remarkable results by standing 14th place with sales turnover amounting to 56.5 billion.

There are numerous real estate projects across China under the Tahoe Group, with over 90 projects covering 28 cities. BSD Tahoe • Li Chun Lake Courtyard, Tahoe • King Garden and Tahoe • Jin Zun Fu are among those representative ones.



Introducing the concept of American holistic medical check-up with international standards

Building international hospitals and the first healthcare centre in Fujian



Tahoe Healthcare Centre


The Tahoe Healthcare Centre, situated at Tahoe Square, Fuzhou, was officially opened in April 2018. With reference to the cutting-edge international standard concept of Alliance HealthCare Services, the Tahoe Healthcare Centre is designed to incorporate the American medical check-up logistics. There is an outpatient clinic on the first floor, while hi-tech medical check-up centres are found on both second and third floors with hi-end fixed-site radiology operated by Alliance.

Furthermore, Tahoe Investment Group is going to build two international standard hospitals in Shanghai and Beijing in collaboration with Cornell Medical School and PHI Group’s medical alliance, operating with advanced American medical management systems.


Tahoe International Hospital


As stated by Mr. Huang Qisen, Chairman of Tahoe Group, the investment of infrastructure of the healthcare business in the next five years will be up to about 50 billion. With additional expenses on administration and operation, the expected total investment amount will be between 80 and 100 billion. The Beijing Yuho Rehabilitation Hospital under Tahoe Investment Group is already in operation now. There are also five hospitals under construction in cities including Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu.

Culture & Education

Introducing International Premier Education

Upgrading quality of teaching with east-meets-west mix



Tahoe College


Tahoe Education strives for introduction of resources of international premier education as well as developing proactively in scopes including nurture of talents, modernised community education, international exchange, academic research, as well as fairness and balance of education. With an aim of passing on the traditional Chinese culture, Tahoe donated 300 million to Fuzhou No.1 Middle School in 2017 for the establishment of the first modern college in Fujian, Tahoe College, characterised by its belief of "cultural heritage and future creation". Having its roots in Chinese cultural essence and integrating with western systems, Tahoe Education gains a competitive advantage in providing high quality education, international education suitable for people of all ages, preschool and community education.

Regarding the cultural aspect, Tahoe Film and Television Cultural Development Co. Ltd. was officially set up in 2016, with cinema networks in major cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, hoping to become number one in the industry within three years.

Senior Care

Synergy across Sectors

Senior care service connecting to international standards



Tahoe senior care project in Sunhe, Beijing


Tahoe’s senior care sector starts in locations of Tahoe’s real estate projects. It is leading the industry by its quality service with a mission of providing senior care facilities up to international standards, integrating with major sectors of Tahoe Group such as Tahoe Healthcare and Tahoe Education to exploit synergy and dedicated to becoming the number one brand in senior care in China.

It is anticipated that the total investment amount in this sector by Tahoe Group will be up to 20 billion in 2018. Ongoing projects include the construction of senior care institutions in cities like Beijing and Shanghai, providing 10,000 sets of maintenance and healthcare facilities. The senior care project in Sunhe, Beijing is nearly completed and will officially be in operation in 2019.

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