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About Tahoe Life

Vision for a brilliant future

Vision for a Brilliant Future

Being one of the core businesses of the Group, together with the experiences earned in the past decades, Tahoe Life Insurance Company Limited (hereafter known as ‘Tahoe Life’) is actively expanding our financial business, resulting in a synergy to cater for the life insurance protection needs of our customers from different walks of life.

Vision, Mission and Values

Through our development strategy of ‘backed by Mainland, based in Hong Kong and Macau, facing the world’, Tahoe Life strives to support the Group to become a global financial enterprise. With the solid background of the Group including medical network, financial investment ability, enormous customer base and the extensive experience in professional insurance operation and management collected in the last three decades in Hong Kong, Tahoe Life possesses an absolute advantage in the local market and has the essentials to craft a brilliant future for our customers.

Our Vision

Engaging ourselves globally and aiming to be the leading brand in the life insurance sector.

Our Mission

Adhering to the aspiration of the Group, we strive to fulfil social responsibility, become a leading-edge insurance company, and serve customers for life with sincerity.

Our Value


High-end and International

Exploring and developing high-end insurance products and services, striving for a century of excellence with a footing in the international market.


Stable and Reliable

Developing into a renowned brand by leveraging the solid background of the Group.


Exquisite Life Insurance

Positioning ourselves as ‘high-end life insurance provider’, offering exquisite and epoch-making products and services.


Serving with Sincerity

Serving individual’s needs, we are committed to providing tailor-made services of a lifetime.


Energetic and Dynamic

Growing with the principle of ‘expand amid stability’, we aim to steadily earn an unrivalled reputation in the industry.

Capital position

The solvency ratio for Tahoe Life Insurance Company Limited calculated according to the prescribed standards under the Insurance Ordinance in Hong Kong and the audited figures was 494% as at 31 December 2017.